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Magna-Latch Vertical Pull Series 2, Magnetic Child Safety Latch, White

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Magna-Latch Vertical Pull Seri

Magna Latch Vertical Pull is the ideal latch for gates around swimming pools and other safety areas such as child care centers.

Magna Latch can be easily fitted on any type of gate material with Metal, Wood, Vinyl or Chain link. It is ideal for 48" (1200mm) gates/fences so that the release knob is out of reach of toddlers. Fully Adjustable two part design provides easy installation.

The latch is an attractive, easy to install addition to most any style of fence and provides worry-free access control to your pool. Many of our BOCA approved fence styles require the Magna-Latch on all gates.

The Vertical Pull is a shorter version of the popular Top Pull Magna Latch model more suited for a higher gate of 60" (1500mm) gates/fences so that the release knob is out of reach for toddlers. It shares the same features and is ideal for gates around swimming pools and child safety areas. The Vertical Pull is also ideal as a pet gate latch around backyard. The unique operating principle is brilliantly simple. As the gate swings shut, a powerful 'permanent' magnet draws a latch bolt from one housing into the other, latching it securely. No amount of shaking, pushing or pulling can disengage the latch. The concept is so advanced it boasts international awards for design excellence.

It is designed to extend above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of reach of children, and is also key-lockable for added safety. Its magnetically triggered safety devices have revolutionized the safety, reliability and child-resistance of swimming pool, childcare and household gates.


  • Patented magnetic self-latching for no mechanical jamming during closure
  • Meets all international barrier/safety codes
  • Constructed of quality moulded polymers & stainless steel which resist rusting, binding or staining
  • Horizontally & vertically adjustable in case of gate sags.
  • Key lockable for enhanced safety
  • Screws hidden while locked which resists tampering
  • Won't unlock from shaking & pulling and can't be forced open
  • Tested to 400,000 cycles and proven to last the test of time
More Information
More Information
Weight 1.200000
Brands D&D Technologies
Adjustability Gap Adjustable
Lockable Key Lockable
Deadbolt No
Access Two Sided
Color White
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