Locks and Latches

Locks and Latches

  • Security Locks

    Keyless mechanical digital security locks suitable for both swing/ slide gate. Check the product description to find a lock that is suitable for the gate thickness. The lock is easily installable to fit on gates with any regular hinge. You can opt for double combination lock, or lock with dead bolt, right to left handle or left to right handle.

  • Pool Safety Latches and Locks

    Magnetic pool gate locks and latches are a must-have for any residential or commercial swimming pool access gate. These child safety locks are one sided and can be easily installed on vinyl, wood, metal and chainlink gates. The biggest advantage of magnetic pool gate locks and latches is that its height makes it unreachable for toddlers and once the gate is ajar, it glides back to closing position and locks itself. Available in polished black and white color, it adds safety and style to your gates.

  • Electro-Magnetic Locks

    Electric locks are installed for added security, long-term use, and easy installation. We provide electro-magnetic locks with holding force from 600lbs to 1200lbs for both single-gate and double-gate styles. Keyless locks with a number pad removes the need to keep a key with you all the time.

  • Gravity Latches and Locks

    Simple lock and latch solution for any gate type. Gravity locks are easy to install and operate. They provide greater security and last for years. These self-latching gate latch and lock systems come with an external access kit to enable access from both sides, if needed.

  • Miscellaneous Latches and Locks

    If you have not found the lock and latch of your choice in any of the other categories, do check our miscellaneous category and explore our collection of various kinds of locks with chrome and brushed finish.

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