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  • Overhead Track System for Sliding Doors

    Find all the necessary accessories required for an Overhead Track System for Sliding Doors. Ceiling support or wall support track, tracks for trolleys and wheels with bearings. Make your Overhead Track System work flawlessly by installing the accessories recommended.

  • Bi-Folding Gate System

    With its patented revolutionary geared hinge, the Albatros system offers a stable smooth opening for large bi-folding gates. This high quality system remains totally suspended and therefore trackless, allowing a clean obstacle free entrance and using half the space of a single leaf swing gate. The Albatros power transmission arm is mounted on the hinge post and is connected to the geared hinge between the panels achieving a smooth and reliable opening system.

  • Gate Operators

    Important. These products are intended to be installed and serviced by a professional technician. The product warranty may be voided if installed or serviced by an unqualified person.

  • Gate Access Control

    Gate Access Control devices can be easily integrated with your mobile phone using LAN/ Wi-fi connection. You can open/ close your gate and speak to your visitors at any time. There are many models of gate access control with advanced features such as camera, intercom facility, and much more. Please refer to our product catalog.

  • Photocells

    Pair of photocells are a safety feature added before the gate to alert the automatic gate opener if an object crossed its path allowing the gate to fully retract to avoid crushing the object. You can choose wall mounted, wired or wireless photocells with transmitter/ receiver detecting up to a range of 100ft. The hood protects the photocells from rain/snow. We have anti-fog photocells to work in any weather conditions.

  • Safety Edges

    Safety sensing edges can be installed vertically or horizontally along the length of the gate. These sensing edges detect the presence of a vehicle near the edge. suitable for both swing and slide gates.

  • Gate Operator Accessories

    Gate operator accessories enhance its functionality by providing additional features. Choose electro magnetic lock without handle for access control or a 3-button or a 2-button switch or even a siren activated gate sensor. We will keep updating the accessories section with the latest and most interesting products.

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