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Vehicle Loop Detector for use w/o solar set up

Vehicle Loop Detector for use

Detector operates on any voltage from 10 to 30 volts AC or DC and draws approximately 35 milliamps of current with no vehicle on the loop.  This micro-sized detector has no user settings and will automatically configure itself when powered up.  When used with other DSP-6LPs, DSP-7LPs, or DSP-7s, the detector will not cross-talk. 

• Designed to be cross talk free between other similar loops detectors.
• Plug and play.  Switchless and self-adapting to most common installations.  Connect it up and watch it work.
• Small profile, perfect for many installations.
• Automatically compensates for loop and lead-In sizes
• Fail-safe operation.
• Wide low-voltage operation.

Loop Inductance:
20µH to 1500µH (including lead-in inductance).
Operating Temperature: -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)
Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 volts AC or DC, approx. 35 mA when not in detect.
Enclosure: Impact resistant, high temperature plastic.
Dimensions: 1.52” (H) x 2.90” (W) x 1.56” (D) (38.61 mm (H) x 73.66 mm (W) x 39.62 mm (D) )
Output Ratings: Relay Outputs - 1 amp @ 125VAC maximum.

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