Putting Up Custom Made Gates for Great Look & Security

We think of gates as a necessary fixture in the driveway or the garden as a humble continuation of the fence or simply a point of exit and entry, but they have roles to play much beyond just this.

We often forget how the beauty of a gate adds to the aesthetics of the home. You probably do not know that the exterior decor of your home or the appearance of your property reflects what lies beyond by giving a good or bad first impression. The gate is often the first thing that a visitor notice and makes him judge your lifestyle.

If you already have a gate and think it's not very visually appealing after reading this, then do not worry. There is always room for renovations and improvement.

Ideally, security gates are meant to keep trespassers and unwanted people out of your property as well as safeguard your house and the people inside.

If your current gate is not doing this, then it is highly ineffective.


Which driveway gate to pick?

Whether you want wooden driveway gates or bespoke steel gates, there are many options available. A driveway gate's look greatly depends on the style and its intended purpose. A simple wood gate seamlessly blends with a fence and provides a traditional look. However, if you want a contemporary look, you may opt for a wrought iron gate or a steel gate. Apart from pepping up the look of your property, these metal gates are extremely sturdy and offer a greater level of privacy and security for your home.


Which brand to choose?

Deciding on gate may not be very difficult but choosing the right brand that offers great warranty and quality is.

So how do you decide which manufacturer to choose? What are the things you should be looking for?

Look for established suppliers like Locks4Gates. We supply steel/ aluminum gate parts such as hinges, locks and latches, electric locks and more. You will also find other miscellaneous gate and door accessories like the stainless steel door handle, heavy duty gate latch, slide bolt, etc. We supply products from manufacturers who are well established and own lots of experience and skill. This means you get a gate that is custom build by assembling our products and is more likely to be of a high quality, which is one of the most important factors when you are installing gates in driveway or garden. Not only will the final gate be safe, solid and strong but also represent your excellent taste and choices.



Bespoke Service

We serve all bespoke gate requirements. You get various options for customizing your gates by using our collection for doors and gates. Build yourself a gate which is special and unique to you rather than something which is mass produced.  



Easy and Quick Delivery

We ensure that after your order is placed with us, the gate parts are delivered to you in time. We provide our services to whole of Canada and US.



Industrial Price

You get what you pay for. We maintain standard industry rates for all our products and the prices vary from brand to brand. Affordability is important, so we don't let you pay over the odds, but also make sure you know that you are getting a quality product for the price you are paying.


All we want is the best gate for our home. Hence, just browse through our featured brands and their products. Next, connect with us, and we will ensure that you are given great service, unique designs, affordable gate parts, and quick delivery.