Locks and Latches

Keep your Kids Safe – Install Security Lock on your Swimming Pool

There is nothing like a cool dip in the swimming pool on a hot day. Vacation time is family time and having kids in the pool gives parents time for relaxation and table games. Enjoy your swimming pool time to the fullest but ensure complete safety and security of your children.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 1 out of 4 deaths among children are caused due to drowning in home swimming pool.

This is a huge number and security lock can no longer be ignored. Most pool gate locks and latches are magnetic locks. Their technology ensures no mechanical jamming and automatic close all the time. These gate locks are apt for chain gates or any other kinds of gates.

Door lock ensures that crawling babies and toddlers do not reach the pool unattended. You can install the door latch with a master lock that can only be opened by its key.

Ensure proper fencing around your swimming pool and also make sure the wall is high enough to avoid jumping from above it.

Be Safe!