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Locinox Gate Closers: Never miss out on closing your gates again

How secure is your gate? Do you often forget to close it and it remains open until someone comes to shut it? Do you feel the need of having a gate that closes itself when you forget to do it? Did you ever think of Gate closers?

You will have to agree that security is the foremost thing for your property, whether residential or commercial. There are numerous ways to ensure this and one of the most common ways to do this is through the use of a Gate Closer.

So, before we get into details about the automatic gate closer and its benefits, let's understand what a gate closer is?

When a gate requires a self-closing mechanism, at a safe speed, the slam proof gate closer comes to the rescue. And when a gate requires such a system that is easy to fit and closes at a safe speed, Locinox gate closers come into the picture. These gate closers can be fitted effortlessly to new or already fixed gates without changing the gate hinges or mounting an expensive closing device.

Locinox gate closers are hydraulically controlled so that smooth operation of the gate closer will occur even during changing weather conditions. The Locinox gate closer can comfortably be opened by hand, and when released it closes at a safe speed.

Benefits of using Locinox gate closers at home

Several reasons may make a person decide to use gate closers at home, and the concerns will vary from one person to another depending on their individual needs. However, there are common concerns that every homeowner or renter shares, and which can be addressed by using it.

  • •  Locinox Gate closers are easy to install. It doesn’t require much of an effort. The process of installation is easy. Whether it is a Hydraulic gate closer or any other type, it is simply a matter of minutes before it is up and functional.
  • •  Locinox Gate closers are automatic and eliminate the problem of an accidentally left open gate. This leaves homeowners and tenants without the worry of having to ask a neighbor to close the gate if they are away.
  • •  Locinox Gate closers will guarantee any home and its occupants' security.
  • •  They are readily available in the market and are affordable.

Types of Locinox Gate Closer Styles

Gate closers are innovative products that can truly benefit anyone with a gate. Here introducing some of the Locinox Gate Closer Styles that are known for sturdy durability and can really stand up to the challenging elements yet work with no added power of any kind.

TIGER – The Compact Gate Hinge Closer

This Hydraulic based self-closing, the double bearing hinge has an opening angle of 180° that easily closes gates. Gate closing speed can be adjusted after installation which is easy and quick.

LION – Compact Hydraulic Gate Closer

Compact hydraulic gate closer, suitable for any gate installation, closes full 180°. The LION offers an aesthetic design, quick and easy installation and exact adjustment of closing speed and final snap.

SAMSON – Adjustable Gate Closer

These SAMSON gate closers can be adjusted for speed & closing pressure. They are specially designed for exterior use as they are built with rustproof materials. Hardware options available for Chain Link gates as well.

MAMMOTH – Hinge/Closer

This elegantly designed self-closing hinge/closer opens smoothly and shuts the gate gracefully. Force, closing speed and final snap can all be adjusted independently as per your needs.