Keeping Your Toddler Safe by Child Proofing Your Home

Do you have kids who have recently started to walk and are curious about every door in the house? Is your child running around your home to explore and discover something new and find out what is in the cabinets or drawers?

Child safety locks have been on the scene for decades now. They are easy to install and come with affordable prices. Make them a part of every place in your home where your children spend time. Child safety locks, in the market today, have many varieties and are as important as your child's car seat. This concern should not be overlooked, and you will never regret taking the time to purchase and install these safety features.

These locks are designed and manufactured for numerous reasons, but the most important is to stop your children from gaining access to things that can be harmful to them like knives, heavy objects, and other dangerous articles.

However, child safety locks are not a guarantee of protection for your kids, but they will definitely make it difficult for your toddlers to reach dangerous objects and substances. It is for this reason companies continue to manufacture child safety locks for household use.

With numerous types of locks available out there, here offering some tips on which lock kinds you should be buying and where to place them to fully utilize its benefits;

How secure is your swimming pool area?

Owning a swimming pool at your residence is a great privilege and requires a greater level of responsibility when it comes to safety. The responsibility increases, even more, when you have kids and toddlers in your home. This means you should be doing all that you can to prevent mishaps.

Properly securing pool gates saves lives and should be treated seriously. They are an important aspect to consider if you have a pool and children.  The use of magnetic pool gate locks and latches are a must-have for any household swimming pool access gate. These child safety locks are one-sided and can be easily installed on vinyl, wood, metal and chain-link gates. These locks can also be installed higher and out of the reach of young children. As the gate closes, you can be rest assured that the latch will be securely locked.

Also, having a fence that is at least 4 feet high on all sides of the pool is a good idea. Make sure that your fence is tall enough that younger children can't climb over.

You can improve the security around the pool by using pool safety gate locks and self-closing hinges in combination that ensure the gate will close with a final snap action. This lock/hinge combination forms a security system as the lock and self-closing hinges ensure that no child is at risk of entering the pool area without adult supervision.

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Few other things you can do are;  

Observe your child

This is the best way to figure out what kind of locks you will need. Carefully observe and take notes of your toddler's hands and knees and how they crawl around the house. What do you see? What can they reach? What looks enticing for them? Do you notice an outlet you had forgotten about? Is there a cupboard with household cleaners in it? After they've crawled around your house fully, you can better assess their needs and realize all the ways your young children could hurt themselves if precautions aren't taken.

If you have a garage to which your kid is more attracted to, you can perhaps install keyless code locks by Lockey. This can be set up on the front door or a door that leads to the attached garage.

Safety Yes, Bubble No

Everyone wants to protect their children. But one has to realize that no matter how many levels of security you put up, your child will always find a way to hurt himself/herself anyway. The only thing we have in our hands is to understand the inherent dangers in childhood and then take the necessary precautions to avoid potential accidents.

 Take a "wait and see" approach

Children seem to be feeling attracted to those little holes in the wall and outlets. The obvious thing to do here is to cover them up. Take care of your cupboards.