Explore the Latest in Fabrication Equipment

Explore the latest in fabrication equipment and learn to use the metal machines to produce marvelous results. The ongoing Oktoberfest Expo by Mid-Atlantic Machinery is the place to be for all metal lovers. If you haven’t registered yet, do it now as the 3-day event lasts only till Sept 29,2016.

As we bend and shape the metal sheets into beautiful designs for gates, railings, and sculptures, there is always scope for improvement. The machinery that is used gives the metal artists and labor the freedom to create wonders. The event is organized to bring the metal equipment experts under one roof. You can ask your questions from the experts and see the equipment in use.

Register online to be a part of the event at the following link:

Oktoberfest Expo is free for all, so you can delve into your passion and gain knowledge to improve your business. Enjoy the excellent German-themed free food and drinks while at the event. Hurry, as the event has already started and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.