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Chain link material, we’ve all seen it being used for fencing and gates, but how did it come about?

Chain link was first produced by machine in the United Kingdom back in 1844 by Barnard, Bishop & Barnard. Charles Barnard based the chain link pattern form from cloth weaving machines. In 1891, Anchor Post Fence Company bought the rights to this wire-weaving machine and began producing chain link material here in the United States.*

Chain link is a popular material for all types of commercial/industrial and residential fencing and gates due to lower product cost, an open pattern which does not obstruct views and it’s galvanized or LLDPE coated steel that slows the corrosion process.

Stylish hardware for chain link has often been minimal due to the round posts used to secure the wire mesh material as most fence/gate designs call for square posts. However, in recent years, adapters and more stylish components have been introduced into the market.

Locinox recently introduced an adapter for 3” or 4” round posts that will accommodate their SAMSON-2 gate closer. The SAMSON-2 gate closers is a modern, aesthetically pleasing closer that will work on gates weighing up to 330 lbs.

SAMSON-2 gate closer

The adapter comes with galvanized steel mounting brackets and U-bolts and 2 stainless SD&T screws to help lock the brackets in position.

Chain link lock kits

Please watch the adapter installation video ( to see if the SAMSON-2 gate closer will work for your next gate project.

Chain link lock kit

 If you need an accompanying lock for your swing gate, Locinox has an Industrial style lock kit which provides all parts necessary for chain link application. Click here to learn more.

*Historical data found on Wikipedia.