Driveway Loops & Detectors

Driveway Loops & Detectors

  • Preformed Direct Burial Loops

    Twisted jacketed loops provide high tensile strength. These are installed before the concrete is poured on the surface. The most common use of direct burial loops is under concrete, asphalt, pavers, or gravel roads. These wires have twice as much copper as any other kind of driveway loop.

  • Preformed Saw-Cut Loops

    Used for saw-cut installations, these loops are installed by cutting a groove in the concrete. Once the saw-cut loop is installed, the area is closed with a loop sealant. The wire is secured with an outer jacket that prevents failure. The kit comes with all essential components to complete the installation.

  • Loop Sealant

    BD Loop Sealant comes in black and gray color and is made of polyurethane. The material ensures that the sealant does not crack or shrink and is safe to use under or over ground. The excess sealant on the floor can be easily wiped off by rubbing alcohol.

  • Loop Detector

    The simplicity and reliability of our loop detector makes it the most popular choice for swing or slide powered gates. It works on a ‘fail safe’ operation and uses very low voltage. Installation is easy due to the smaller profile of the device.

  • Free Exit Probes

    These sensing devices, based on magnetometer technology, provide easy exit without the need of any remote or keypad. Placed underground, a little away from the gate operators, towards the house, these sensing probes are self-contained and do not need any external board.

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