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Track Installation Guide for Ranger System, 2/set

Track Installation Guide for R

These alignment guide tools ensure a rapid and precise installation of the rack tracks that make up the 2 and 3 leaf telescoping systems. The smooth half round track (#289) is installed first, and is used as the reference for the proper parallel placement and alignment of the rack tracks.  The two alignment guide tools are used to maintain the correct spacing between the tracks, according to the gate frame width value selected on the tools.  These guides also ensure that the rack teeth are aligned and in sync when connecting additional rack track sections together.

The rack track installation templates are used to ensure a precise and parallel alignment of the ground tracks, and can be width-regulated depending on the profile width of the gate frame tubing used in the construction of the gate. When joining two pieces of rack track, the precise position for the teeth can be achieved using the toothed element of the template guide, positioning it directly on the joint where the two pieces of track meet.

NOTE: This template is purchased once and can be reused for subsequent installations.

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